Stonebridge Condominium Association 

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Call Madison Police

You are the Stonebridge Condominium community.  While your condo association board of directors and Bruner Management strive to establish and enforce policies, rules, and regulations to provide for a friendly, safe, and secure environment, you are the key in maintaining that environment.  If you see a suspicious activity, person, or vehicle, please call the Madison Police Department at 608-255-2345.  As always, if it is an emergency situation, call 9-1-1.

Condo Association Master Insurance Policy

Lenders require a certificate/proof of insurance (Condo Association Master Policy).  You can get this information by going to, clicking on the Request Master Policy Proof of Insurance button in the upper right of the page, and following the instructions.

 Planning for Emergencies

Do you know what to do during an emergency? Fire? Severe weather? Ready Wisconsin is a part of Wisconsin Emergency Management, and is a resource for planning and response information. Go to for more.


What about pizza boxes? You should not recycle pizza boxes that have been contaminated by food and grease. You can recycle the clean sections of pizza boxes by tearing them off. For more information on pizza box recycling...

For more information about recycling dos and don'ts, check out the City of Madison Recycling program at

Maintenance Requests

Direct Stonebridge property maintenance requests to the Stonebridge Property Manager, at 608-245-0000.  NOTE: Stonebridge Office hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., on Wednesdays. Call the Bruner Realty Office at 608-273-9390 during other hours for non-emergency issues. To report an emergency at any time (24/7), call 608-273-9576.

Dog Owner Responsibilities

The following Madison General Ordinances (M.G.O.) pertain to your responsibilities for cleaning up after your dog:
  • ALWAYS carry equipment sufficient to clean up your dog's feces whenever you and your dog are off your property. M.G.O. 7.322(2).
  • Do not allow your dog to defecate on any property, public or private (except your own property), unless you immediately remove, and properly dispose of the waste. M.G.O. 7.322(1).
  • Do not allow dog feces to accumulate on your property. M.G.O. 7.37(8).
  • Dog feces can pose health risks to people and pets. The fine for violating any of these ordinances is $100.00.

For more information, go to